How I built a fast and professional website for DataLed, a conversion rate optimization agency

The challenge

Brian O’Sullivan is the owner of DataLed, a conversion rate optimization and analytics agency that helps online businesses grow their revenue. He needed a new business website to showcase his services and expertise to potential clients.

Conversion rate optimisation agency website

He had already tried to build a website on his own using a popular no-code page builder platform, but he was not happy with the outcome. The website was slow, clunky and did not reflect his brand identity.

He wanted a website that was fast and secure, with a clean, modern and professional design. He also wanted to be able to easily add or update content by himself without relying on a developer.

The solution

Brian had worked with me before on another website project, so he reached out to me again for this one. I was glad to help him create an effective website for his business.

Dataled blog

We decided to use a static site generator for the website, as it offers many benefits over traditional websites. Static site generators create websites that are pre-rendered and served as static files, which means they are faster, more secure and cheaper to host than dynamic websites. They also allow for more flexibility and control over the design and functionality of the website.

Dataled blog post

I built the custom website from scratch in a couple of weeks, using modern web development techniques to ensure the website was fast, accessible and responsive.

Dataled website mobile responsive

We chose to use Bridgetown, a next-generation progressive site generator powered by Ruby.

Dataled website pricing page

To make it easy for Brian to add or update content, we hosted the website on CloudCannon, a platform that provides an intuitive Content Management System for static websites. CloudCannon lets you edit your website content directly from your browser, without touching any code. It also syncs with your GitHub repository and deploys your changes automatically.

The result

The result is an effective business website that is fast, secure, looks professional and is easy to update and maintain.

Intuitive content management system for static websites

You can see it live at DataLed

Brian was very happy with the outcome. He was able to showcase his services and expertise in a clear and compelling way, and generate more leads and conversions for his business.

The next step

If you need an effective website to promote your business, then let’s talk to see how we can make your website project a success.

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