My Recent Projects

Business website development for authors, freelancers and small businesses.

Author One-Page Website

Author website, no matter how simple, is one of the greatest business assets, as you retain full control over it and can grow your business independently of the Big Tech platforms.

Single Page Author Website

When you are ready to launch your first - or next - book and need a simple single page website to showcase it, with links to purchase on the most popular platforms, and a sign-up form to grow your email list.

Author Standard Website

A standard author website template to showcase multiple books, connect with readers through an author bio page, and a clear call to action to sign up for email newsletter.

Laba Skaņa

Redesigning in Jamstack (Jekyll, NetlifyCMS and Netlify) a freelance DJ and Sound Engineer website allowed to achieve much better performance and streamline design and layout for a better user experience.

Non-Fiction Author Website Template

Clean, modern, mobile-responsive design and blazing fast and secure Jamstack back-end (Eleventy, TailwindCSS and Netlify) for an effective non-fiction author website.

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