Non-Fiction Author Website Template

Clean, modern, mobile-responsive design and blazing fast and secure Jamstack back-end (Eleventy, TailwindCSS and Netlify) for an effective non-fiction author website.

Non-Fiction Author Website

Building an author platform - especially for non-fiction authors or small business owners - can feel overwhelming.

What information and sections should it include, and in what order to be effective? And what can be left out?

The answer boils down to the purpose of a non-fiction author website - to sell books, get visitors to sign up for newsletter and connect with readers.

A non-fiction author website at the very least must include:

Nonfiction author website template

Connecting with readers

One of the primary reasons for having a dedicated nonfiction author website is to connect with readers and potential clients. An attractive picture and a short author bio will greatly help.

Just as important, if not more, is to build a mailing list to be able to get in touch with readers directly, and ultimately sell more books.

Nonfiction author website about page

Selling more books

Selling more books is the primary business goal of any non-fiction author.

Therefore an effective nonfiction author website should help sell books and thus incrase business.

This template showcases book series, with cover images, has individual pages for books, as well as links to purchase.

Nonfiction author website books page Clear call to action

Blazing Performance

By using modern web development approach the website achieves a perfect 100% performance score. The nonfiction author website loads in less than 2 seconds.

Performance and security were improved by choosing modern technologies that don’t rely on various 3rd party plugins for essential functions and introducing unnecessary security and maintenance risks.

Nonfiction author website performance

Mobile-Optimised and Responsive

The non-fiction author website template is fully responsive and mobile-optimised - looks and works great on any device - as nowadays most visitors browse websites on mobile devices.

It also helps with search engine optimisation, as Google strongly prefers websites optimised for mobile viewing.

Mobile optiised nonfiction author website

Visit nonfiction author website template Live Demo.

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