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Redesigning in Jamstack (Jekyll, NetlifyCMS and Netlify) a freelance DJ and Sound Engineer website allowed to achieve much better performance and streamline design and layout for a better user experience.

Effective Freelancer Website

For a professional freelancer offering DJ and sound engineer services, an effective website is a key client acquisition tool.

It has to load fast, be simple and intuitive to use and has to guide the visitor to the desired action to achieve business goals.

The old version was created using a website builder platform, that initially offered an easy enough DIY solution and produced a reasonably good looking website.

However, the long loading times, disconnected design across website pages and resulting bad user experience were obviously hurting business.

DJ website services page

DJ website testimonials page

Challenges with the Project

The old version of the freelancer website was build using a visual website builder, and it suffered from the common shortcomings of a website builder platform:

Ineffective DJ website built using a page-builder

How I Solved the Challenges

The main focus of the redesign was to make the website an effective marketing and client acquisition tool. Therefore a clean design, good user experience and fast load times were a priority.

The website information architecture, design and navigation were rethought and designed from scratch, giving a smoother experience for visitors, intuitively guiding them to the most valuable actions.

Redesigned freelancer website solved these challenges:

Redesigned DJ website landing page

Greatly Improved Performance

By using modern web development approach I was able to achieve a perfect 100% performance score. Previously it took more than 5 seconds to fully load the site. Now it loads in less than 2 seconds, even with plenty of pictures.

Performance and security were improved by choosing modern technologies that don’t rely on various 3rd party plugins for essential functions and introducing unnecessary security and maintenance risks.

Poor performance of the old site build with a page-builder

Great performance of the redesigned static DJ website

Mobile-Optimised and Responsive

The new website is fully responsive and mobile-optimised, as most visitors browse websites on mobile devices.

It also helps with search engine optimisation, as Google strongly prefers websites optimised for mobile viewing.

Mobile optimised DJ website

Tech Stack

Built with modern web development technologies. In particular, the website is built with Jekyll static site generator, outputting pure HTML and CSS, with a touch of JavaScript for some added functionality such as the online chat.

Meaning, the website consists of static files that can be served blazing fast, are easy to maintain, and provide top-notch security and peace of mind. Less moving parts mean less can go wrong.

The website is hosted on a globally distributed CDN, meaning that wherever your visitors are in the world, they get served your website from a server close by, thus further improving the already fast viewing experience.

Content can be easily updated via an open-source CMS.

The result - fast, secure and easy to maintain website.

Visit the redesigned DJ website: DJ Ikass un Laba Skaņa

Client Reaction

DJ Ikass was very pleased with the speed, cost, and quality of the website build. He saw a clear benefit from the modern web-development approach, that is easy for him to update through a simple content management system behind an extremely fast and secure website.

The end result is a modern and effective website for marketing his freelancer services.

For me, each new project is a great opportunity learn something new while helping my clients achieve their business goals. In this case, I was able to build a clean and effective website using best practices of modern web development which serves his needs.

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